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Visitors to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina are increasingly interested in shark fishing. Sharks have existed for millions of years, long before dinosaurs or humans. Yet, we still fear shark encounters on the beach. Sharks are a natural part of the Atlantic Ocean, and they hunt and live just off Myrtle Beach.

Shark fishing can be life-changing for a fisherman. Sharks are the most feared and awe-inspiring of all fish. You can expect to receive the following:

The adrenaline rush of reversing roles is a great way to get into the game.

Enjoy the thrill of battling big, aggressive fish while in a secure environment.

Get the expertise of a captain and crew who are trained to bring sharks to your location.

Shark Fishing Charters: Experience the thrill of shark fishing in Myrtle Beach waters safely

A shark fishing charter can be one of the most exciting experiences for adventurers. Guided shark fishing trips offer the best opportunity to see sharks’ beauty, strength and size up close. The battle begins when you feel the force of the shark’s bite. Knowledge and wit are the keys to winning the tug-of-war match between shark and man. Sharks can be unpredictable, but a charter crew with experience is crucial to reel in the biggest trophy shark.

Sharks Species & Shark Fishing Opportunities

Many shark species live in the Atlantic Ocean. This means that the different species of sharks living in the Atlantic Ocean have a wide range of sizes, speeds and abilities. Understanding shark fishing laws and regulations is essential, as each species has different rules. Another great reason to book your shark fishing charter is this. Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC.’s charter boat will help you distinguish between the sharks that you want to keep and those you don’t, whether you are interested in catch-and-release or catch-and-keep.

Myrtle Beach, a Shark Fishing Paradise

Many types of sharks can be found along the Grand Strand. However, Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, and Blacktips are most often caught. You can also catch Tiger or Shortfin Makos in deeper water if you work with an experienced charter crew who knows the waters well.

We want to make sure that your experience is both educational and exciting. While you’ll be in good hands with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. and his crew on board, you should also learn about the shark species you’ll be hunting. You’ll learn interesting facts about sharks and get to know your opponent’s characteristics so that when your line tugs on it, you can say, “Shark On!”

Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are not only abundant but also very dangerous. Bull Sharks are among the top 3 species that attack humans. They can be very dangerous. Bull Sharks are territorial and prefer to stay near the shore. They can survive in freshwater. Bull Sharks can be caught by drifting and chumming.

Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks are known for their unique and distinctive head shapes. They’re also one of our favourites. They prefer to hunt alone at night, but swim in groups during the day. These sharks are listed as catch-and-release-only fish and are best sought out as part of a chartered deep sea fishing excursion.

Spinner Shark

Spinner Sharks are similar to Blacktip Sharks, except that they are heavier. The Spinner Shark lacks the black-tipped fin that gives Blacktip sharks their name.

fishingBlacktip Sharks

Blacktip Sharks are not as large as other sharks but can still fight hard, making them a great target for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. Blacktips love to eat any type of bait. Many restaurants in Myrtle Beach serve them because of their distinctive flavor.

Sand Sharks

Sand Sharks are ugly fish. They get their name because they prefer to stay close to shore. The fish swims with its mouth open, showing three rows of sharp teeth. The only shark species that can rise to the surface and gulp in the air is the Sand Shark. This can be a real scare for children! The air is stored in their stomachs to allow them to remain buoyant and hunt prey while remaining almost motionless. Catch-and-release is the only way to release these sharks.

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark

Sharpnose sharks are the sharks that are most commonly caught along the South Carolina coast. There is no strict regulation on size or fishing seasons. You can catch them in deeper waters or from shore using larger baitfish. The sharks are small, reaching a maximum length of 32 inches.

Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks can be identified by their distinctive pattern. As juveniles, the marks on their bodies combine into stripes that give them a tiger like appearance. It’s one of the biggest caught by fishermen. Its size and strength make it a formidable opponent.

Mako Sharks

Mako Sharks have a reputation amongst anglers for being one of the most exciting species to catch. They are the fastest sharks in the ocean and can jump up to 20 feet from the water.

Prepare yourself for battle!

Shark fishing in Myrtle Beach is an experience that you will never forget. Make memories that last a lifetime by visiting the Grand Strand.

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