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Enjoy a day on water with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters. We treat everyone like family and make the most of every moment.

The Finest Fishing Experience

Captain Smiley Fishing Charters offers many inshore and offshore fishing services, suitable for both beginners and professionals. All trips include all licenses, equipment, and fish cleaning.

Adventure Sports

Sportfishing can also be called recreational fishing. Sportfishing can be used for recreational, hobby, or competitive fishing. Sportfishing differs from commercial fishing or self-sustenance fishery because it is not for profit or food. The main goal is enjoyment.

Sportfishing can be done with fishing rods or reels. Anglers can keep fish or practice catch-and-release fishing. Commercial fishing or self-sufficiency fishing allows the fish to be kept for consumption or as bait to catch more fish.

Charter Fishing Services

Are you thinking of starting fishing? We are delighted to have you aboard! We are thrilled to welcome you. Join millions of Americans who now consider angling their nation’s favorite pastime.

As with most things in life it is worth investing a bit of time and money early on. This will ensure a positive experience and long-lasting benefits. Book the services of a professional guide for your fishing trip before you set out on your own to explore uncharted waters.

Fishing Camp

A fishing camp can offer many benefits to your child, such as a better appreciation of nature. Children also learn patience. Sometimes you have to wait until you catch a fish.

We are an ACA-Accredited Camp in South Florida, with a super enjoyable fishing camp for children. Our fishing camps fill up every year faster than ever before. Fishing with friends is a fun activity that kids love, and they also learn a lot from this calming sport.

Sightseeing / Eco Tour

You and three guests will be taken on a personalized guided boat tour down the intracoastal waterway, through historic Little River. See old-growth oaks and pristine salt marshes along the way. Encounter numerous exotic birds living in their native habitat. Occasionally run across bottlenose dolphins playing amongst the nets of shrimp trawlers pulling in their day’s catch.

Look and learn while your captain casts a net into the salt marsh and shows you aquatic fish. Explore, uncrowded, barrier islands and look for seashells or just hang loose on the beach. This is a private tour with no crowds of people. These service are perfect for photographers, bird watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Come enjoy South Carolinas beautiful places and smile.

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