Charter Fishing

Charter Fishing


Are you thinking of starting fishing? We are delighted to have you aboard! We are thrilled to welcome you. Join millions of Americans who now consider angling their nation’s favorite pastime.

As with most things in life it is worth investing a bit of time and money early on. This will ensure a positive experience and long-lasting benefits. Book a professional guide for your fishing trip before you set out on your own to explore uncharted waters.

Benefits of Charter Fishing Myrtle Beach


It seems quite logical. Professional fishing charter operators are just that, professionals. A guide can quit their job if they are on the water for 120 days or more per year. This means that they’re out on the water finding fish, while we sit around and think about it. A guide can also teach you how to fish. This includes everything, from how to cast a line to how to hook a fish to the regulations and rules of the state. Charter operators’ job is not to just help you catch fish, but also to teach anglers about conservation and laws that govern fishing and boating so we can enjoy the sport for future generations.


It’s easy to assume that you will know the exact location of the fish when you are navigating the same waters every day. What’s equally important? It is equally important to know where not to go. It is important to prepare ahead in order to determine the tides and locate any jetties or sandbars. These features are already well-known to seasoned guides who know their local area like the backs of their hands. It’s worth getting to know your local fishing spots by taking a trip with a professional once in a while.


Chartering a fishing boat is a great way to save money. You only need to show up and you’ll have everything you need: bait, rods, reels. Your captain and crew will also know the best equipment for each species. You can bring your own sunscreen, snacks, and beverages. You should bring your own sunscreen, snacks, and beverages.


There are many rules and regulations that regulate fishing. The charter captain keeps his ears to the ground, and receives important updates about the latest catch and keep allowances. These can change quickly. Sometimes, a “season” can be a three- or two-day period that opens with very little notice. A professional is a good companion if you are serious about recreational sport fishing. You can visit your local tackle and fly shops or go to the marina to meet the pros on the water.

You can then compare and contrast different types of trips available for your waters (i.e. inshore, offshore, wading, etc. You will learn about the makes and models of boats and which charter is best for you. You will learn tips and get to know who is actually catching what.

After you have taken a professional charter operator’s fishing trip, you will be able to go out on your own. Responsible angling contributes to the state’s conservation programs, including habitat protection and fisheries management. Now you are ready to protect, preserve, and enhance fishing for the future.

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