The Do’s and Don’ts on a Guided Fishing Trip

fishingIf you’re gearing up for a guided fishing trip, it’s essential to know the proper fishing etiquette to ensure a fantastic fishing experience for you and your group. We’ve put together this article to highlight the Do’s and Don’ts of proper fishing etiquette, helping you have an enjoyable and successful fishing trip.

Do’s and Don’ts of proper fishing etiquette

The Do’s

Come Prepared: Prepare for a day out on the water during your guided fishing trip. If you’re bringing kids under 13, make sure to have life preservers that fit them properly. Consider bringing a urinal for men to anticipate bathroom needs. Women can ask the captain to return to shore for restroom breaks.

Dress appropriately for various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and hot weather. Bring sunglasses, coolers for your catch (if you decide to keep them), and snacks or beverages in case hunger strikes. Most importantly, don’t forget sunblock and other protective measures against the hot sun, as the boat is fully exposed to the sun’s rays.

Listen to and Follow Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the captain’s instructions about fishing and boat etiquette, regardless of your fishing experience. Understanding the rules and procedures ensures a safe and successful fishing trip for everyone. The captain will provide essential guidelines, such as the correct way to sit while the boat is moving and being cautious while handling fishing lures.

Have Realistic Expectations: While guided fishing trips in Myrtle Beach have a proven track record of success, fishing can sometimes be slow. Trust that the captain will do his best to find the best spots and times to catch fish. If a particular location isn’t productive, the captain will explore other areas. Be patient and understanding, as the goal is always to provide an enjoyable fishing experience.

fishingKeep the Boat and Equipment Clean: At the end of the trip, make sure to clean up after yourself. Dispose of any garbage, such as candy wrappers, water bottles, and old minnows, to keep the boat tidy. Wipe your hands after applying sunblock to avoid making the fishing gear greasy.

The Don’ts

Be Late: Respect the scheduled start time of your Myrtle Beach fishing trip and arrive on time. The captain plans the fishing strategy around specific peak times when fish are most active. Being punctual maximizes your chances of catching plenty of fish.

Disrespect the Fish: While taking pictures of your catch is acceptable, be mindful of conservation efforts. Limit excessive photos of the same fish, and release it back into the water as gently as possible. Treat the fish with care, ensuring its survival after release.

Overdo It On Alcohol: Although alcohol is allowed on the boat, practice responsible drinking. Sun exposure combined with excessive alcohol consumption can lead to health issues. The captain reserves the right to terminate a trip if anyone becomes excessively drunk.

Assume Fish Cleaning is Provided: It is against regulations to transport fish without keeping the body of the fish intact, including the fillets. You are responsible for cleaning and handling the fish you catch.

A Word On Tipping Etiquette For Your Fishing Guide

Guided fishing trips fall under the service industry, and tipping is customary. A standard tip is around 20% of your fishing trip cost. For larger groups on charter boats, consider tipping on the higher side of 20%, as it involves more coordination and effort.

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