near shore fishingFor those who have a passion for fishing, near shore fishing is an exciting adventure that offers a diverse array of fish species to catch. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or someone just starting out, the waters near the shore provide a rich opportunity to experience the thrill of the catch. Let’s dive deeper into the world of near shore fishing and discover more about the top species you can encounter and when it’s best to go after them.

Near Shore Fishing: What You’ll Catch

Redfish (Red Drum):

Redfish, also known as red drum, are a year-round treat. But if you want to increase your chances of a successful catch, late summer and fall are the optimal times. During these months, they tend to gather in schools near inlets and estuaries, making them easier to find and reel in.
Speckled Trout:

These speckled beauties are most abundant during the spring and fall seasons. They have a preference for water temperatures that are cooler and tend to hang around oyster beds and grassy areas during these times.

Flounder, with their amazing camouflage skills, are frequently caught during the summer and fall. They love sandy or muddy bottoms and are often spotted near structures like reefs, bridges, and jetties.


Sheepshead are available year-round, but spring and summer are when they are at their best. During these warmer months, they are actively spawning near structures such as docks, piers, and rock formations.

Spanish Mackerel:

Spanish mackerel are known for their migratory habits, and they cruise along the coast during the warmer months, which are spring and summer. These fish often travel in schools near the surface, providing an action-packed Myrtle Beach fishing experience.

inshore fishingKing Mackerel (Kingfish):

King mackerel, also called kingfish, are most plentiful in late spring and summer. They are frequently found near reefs, wrecks, and schools of baitfish, offering plenty of opportunities for anglers.


They are migratory fish and they pass through near shore waters particularly during the spring and fall months. The best time to target them is during their migration when they are actively feeding. You can often spot them near structures or swimming alongside large rays.

Black Sea Bass:

Black sea bass are present year-round, but their populations tend to increase during the warmer months. These fish are commonly found near offshore wrecks, reefs, and artificial structures.


If you’re looking for spadefish, summer is the season to aim for. You can find them near buoys, pilings, and artificial reefs, creating an exciting opportunity for anglers.


Tripletail, known for their affinity for floating debris and structures like buoys and weed lines, are more commonly caught during the summer months.

While these are the general guidelines, it’s essential to understand that fishing conditions can vary due to factors such as weather patterns, water temperature, and the availability of baitfish. This is where local knowledge and the expertise of your charter captain can be invaluable, greatly enhancing your chances of a successful fishing trip.

Near shore fishing in Myrtle Beach is a thrilling and rewarding activity that allows you to explore a variety of species in their natural habitat. Whether you’re planning your next fishing adventure or it’s your first time on a near shore fishing trip, remember to be flexible and adaptable, just like the fish you’re trying to catch. So, get ready, cast your line, and create unforgettable memories on your next near shore fishing expedition!

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