shark fishingBelow is information about Blacktip Sharks. You are in for a thrilling fishing experience if you have never been shark fishing.

The Atlantic Blacktip Shark can also be called black fin sharks, gray sharks, requiem sharks, small blacktip Sharks, or spot-fin Ground Sharks.

Appearance of Blacktip Shark

Here’s a description about the Blacktip:

  • Gray-brown to gray, with a white belly and an obvious wedge-shaped or Z-shaped band on the side.
  • The anal fin of the pectoral, dorsal and tail fins are white, while their black-tipped fins on the tail, dorsal and pectoral fins.
  • They have a body shape that resembles a torpedo, allowing them to move through water easily.

Due to their similarity in size, color, shape and behavior, these sharks are sometimes confused with spinners. Both species are known to leap and spin out of the water as they feed on schools of fish.

Size of the Shark

This is the information you need to know about the shark’s size:

  • Growing to 8 feet in length
  • The size at birth is between 20 and 26 inches
  • The average adult height is 4.9 feet
  • Weight approximately 40 lbs.
  • The weight of the slug can reach up to 220 pounds
  • Males reach maturity at a young age of 4-5 years
  • Females reach maturity at 6-7 years of age

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Habitat of Blacktip Shark

shark fishing Myrtle BeachBlacktip sharks are found in warm coastal water all over the world, including Myrtle Beach. They often come into contact with people. The blacktip shark is found in bays, coral reefs and shallow water off of beaches and river mouths.

Diet of Blacktip Shark

The blacktip shark uses a special method to catch its prey. After jumping into the air, blacktip sharks rotate their bodies and splash down on schools near the surface of the water. Also, they feed on skates and stingrays as well as sardines mackerels snails octopuses and other crustaceans. They feed on the discarded fish from fishing boats. Large sharks are their main predators.


In 2008, DNA evidence proved that a shark female fertilized her egg without the assistance of a partner. Parthenogenesis is the name of this rare process.

Near Threatened

IUCN lists the blacktip shark as a near-threatened species worldwide. This is mainly because the meat of the shark and the fins are often used in shark fin soup.


These timid sharks do not pose a great danger to humans. They can become aggressive when they are near food. Humans who wade through shallow water may be mistakenly bitten.

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