fishing What to Expect When Fishing in Myrtle Beach in the Fall

As summer comes to a close, fishing enthusiasts don’t need to give up on their dreams of fishing in Myrtle Beach. People from all over still visit the Grand Strand to fish, even though they understand that fishing doesn’t always mean catching lots of fish. The weather cools down a bit, the breeze feels nice, and the fish in Myrtle Beach waters are still hungry.

What will you catch when fishing in the fall in Myrtle Beach?

During the fall, you have a better chance of catching certain types of fish compared to other times of the year. The cooler temperatures make it a great time for fishing in Myrtle Beach, and local captains are ready to take eager anglers out to sea, where plenty of fish are waiting.

Tarpon: In the fall, Tarpon swim south through the cooler waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They like to eat baitfish such as grunts, pinfish, pilchards, mutton, minnows, and threadfin herring. To catch Tarpon, it’s best to use the same kind of bait they naturally eat. While there are no guarantees in this particular activity, an experienced guide can help you use the right bait to attract Tarpon.

Redfish: As the weather cools down in the fall, you can catch massive Redfish bulls offshore. These big fish can range from 30 inches to five feet in length and make for exciting catches. Redfish are attracted to shrimp, crab, mullet, pinfish, pilchards, pigfish, grunts, and Atlantic croakers.

Speckled Sea Trout: These spotted or speckled sea trout can grow up to 39 inches in length and weigh up to 17 pounds, making them a prized catch. Fortunately, during the cooler months, they tend to gather in the waters around Murrells Inlet, making them easier to find. They love live shrimp, pinfish, but mullet, and dead shrimp can also be used to lure them in.

Fall fishing in Myrtle Beach can be a fantastic experience. With plenty of bait, cooler water temperatures, and more comfortable outdoor conditions, fish are actively feeding and looking for food. You can find large Redfish and Speckled Sea Trout either swimming beneath birds or chasing shrimp in shallower waters. This makes fall a great time for sight fishing, which is a thrilling way to catch fish.

So, whether you want to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing or embark on an exciting sightseeing adventure, give us a call to plan your fall fishing experience in Myrtle Beach. Call Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. now.

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