fishingWays To Beat Summer Fishing

It’s hot, and it won’t let up for quite some time. During this time, it is important to realize that the bite is getting harder. The water temperatures are soaring, pleasure boaters are making a push into most local fisheries because of summer break, and even pond fishing is becoming more difficult.

Many have switched to night fishing as our annual respite from the heat and summer chaos. There are still some good opportunities to fish during daylight hours, but there are limited windows and certain deals. Today we will show you how to get the best fishing charter opportunities this summer.

Fishing Tips

Last and first hour

There’s a brief window in the middle of each day where the fish bite better almost every day. In summer, the best time to fish is the first and last hours of the day. The sun is low and there is plenty of shade. Because there are fewer pleasure boaters out on the water in the morning than later in the evening, the first hour is often the best.

Topwaters are extremely productive in early and late lowlight hours. To maximize your chances of getting as many bites as possible, you should choose a buzzbait to cover as much water.

If you are fishing targets, slower topwaters such as walking topwaters and poppers work well. You could also choose to spend the last hour fishing targets with a Spook, or run around trying to get fish out of laydowns where they have been hunkered down for all day.


When trying to find good summer bites, shade is crucial. Banks that are shaded in the morning will get bright sunlight during the afternoon, and vice versa. You will be able to fish more comfortably if you choose the bank that has the most shade. The same relief that you get from the shade in summer can be felt by fish, and they will often feel more motivated to bite.

Continue to seek shade when the sun is high. You can target bass in shade by using docks, mats, and overhanging shrubs. Some of the most sneaky ones include tree tops that are below the water or submerged grass lines. These types of covers, even though you won’t be able see the shade, still provide shade and shelter for the bass.

Food sources

You can also look for food sources to find the best summer bites. For bass fishermen, it can be difficult to find food in the summer. You’ll usually find a few fish if you can find a good source of condensed food. These fish can be aggressive, especially when there is limited food in the area.

There are many species of insects and baitfish that spawn in summer. A common phenomena is the mayfly hatch. In just a few days, thousands of these tiny insects will hatch, mature and lay eggs. They will be consumed by all other animals in the food chain during that time. These little bugs will be eaten by bream, crappie and catfish, as well as turtles. The real fun begins when the big bass arrive… but they aren’t looking for mayflies, but rather smaller fish.

In the summer, bedding bluegill is a popular target for spawning baitfish. You can target bluegills in shallow water by using a topwater or soft-plastic stickworm. This is because bass are trying to eat baitfish and guard their nests. This food source is crucial in summer, and can transform your entire day in just a few castings.


You need to plan carefully in order to get the best summer bite when you go on a fishing trip. It’s a good idea to plan your trips around the most productive hours of the day. It is likely that you will catch more fish if your trips are planned for the early hours of the morning. Your chances of catching fish in shade can also increase, but it is important to remember that shade is not visible to the naked eye.

If you have a reliable food source, it is possible to eat a great meal in a short time. When choosing baits for spawning baitfish, match the hatch to ensure that you are not catching spawning insects. Combining all of these types will give you the real magic summer bite.

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