kids charter fishingFamilies are an important part of any captain’s customer base. It’s not hard to see why. A family booking for charter fishing will often mean that you can teach kids how to fish on your charter.

This article will give you an overview of how you can help children learn about charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. This article will provide information about how to set expectations, make the trip enjoyable for both parents and children, and ensure that everyone leaves your boat smiling.

Safety First

A safety brief is a great idea for families taking their kids Myrtle Beach charter fishing. Start by giving lifejackets to the children and anyone else who asks. Next, you can instruct the group about what to avoid on your boat and how to react if it does. The briefing can be concluded by instructing the group on how to stop their boat and how to call for help.

A safety brief is practical and will help guests feel secure. Parents will be able to relax knowing their children are safe. It’s important to get everyone comfortable on the boat so that your guests, and their children, have a memorable adventure.

Even if you aren’t fishing from a boat, it is still important to think about safety when taking children on a trip. Instead of talking about boat safety you can simply tell your children what to look out for while you are moving around the terrain. It’s also possible to inform them about whether or not it is safe to swim in the water. This will help customers to be safe.

Setting Expectations

charter fishing for kidsBefore you start teaching or fishing, it is important to establish the expectations for the trip. This is when you will decide what type of fishing you will do. Children are naturally bored and require lots of activity to keep them interested. They won’t be interested in what they catch, or how big they are.

You can set some boundaries when you plan the fishing trip with your guests. You can help teach your guests how to fish but you don’t have to be their babysitter. While you may not be required to do this every single time, it is important to remind parents that they will need to participate in the trip.

Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. will  give each trip a detailed description so customers can choose the best option for them. After we have received a booking you will chat with the customer via our app. We will be able to anticipate what they can expect before they even get on the water.

The Basics

After all the preparation is done, it’s time for the fun part: teaching children how to fish. You can make it a goal to teach your children at least one skill that will help them in the future if they have never tried fishing. Start with the basics and teach them how to use a fishing rod and reel. You can also teach them how you throw a net or tie simple knots.

Depending on their age, you might also teach them how to cast. If the children have previous experience with fishing, they can learn how to catch and fight fish by themselves. We would recommend that your children avoid handling anything hook-related. Although it is beneficial for children to learn how to hook a fish or put the bait on the hook, it can also cause injury that can ruin the trip.

Children’s Discovery of a New World

You can also share your fishing knowledge with the children. You’re also an expert in the types of fish you will be targeting and the areas you’ll explore.

You can teach your children about fishing and give them fish trivia. They’ll learn a skill that has been essential to human survival since the beginning of time. That’s pretty cool!

This can be expanded upon by telling them about other wildlife encountered along the way. You can also explain to them why it is important to respect fishing regulations and preserve the ecosystem. Charter captains are the only ones who understand the importance and value of a healthy fishery. Children will remember their first fishing adventure with you as a memorable experience.

Turning Families Into Returning Customers

Charter fishing is something that most families do not go on more than one or two times a year. They can save money and take vacation days off so they can board the charter boat with you and spend a day on water. They want to have a unique experience and make lasting memories with their children. They’ll remember who to call next year if they have a good time and are happy with their visit.

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