Myrtle Beach fishingMyrtle Beach Fishing: What’s The Best Catch in the Summer

Myrtle Beach fishing in coastal regions offers unbeatable experiences almost year-round. Moreover, with extensive coastlines, it’s hard to return empty-handed in any season. Summertime holds a special allure. Some species tend to “lie low” until the spring traffic dies down. So, whether you’re looking to land a nutritious supper or that elusive trophy fish, summer is an excellent time to hook that perfect catch.

Best Fish to Catch Inshore

Inshore fishing refers to shallower waters closer to shore. Furthermore, the versatility of coastal fishing makes both freshwater and saltwater species plentiful in these areas.

Freshwater Species When Myrtle Beach Fishing

Largemouth Bass

These fish, also known as black bass, are dark, drab olive green. Moreover, they don’t mind warm water, so look for them near shorelines.

White Crappie

As the official state freshwater fish, crappies are typically less than a pound and easy for kids to catch. Furthermore, look for them around vegetation or submerged wood.


This small fish is plentiful in summer and great for beginners. Additionally, bluegill likes warm, shallow water, so head for piers, docks, and fallen trees near the shore to find them.

Saltwater Species When Myrtle Beach Fishing


If you have trouble catching trout when your on a fishing charter trip in Myrtle Beach, you’re probably in hot water — that is, you need to relocate to water somewhere in the 50-70 F range. Trout are notoriously elusive, but you’ll probably have the best luck in the early morning or late at night. Additionally, as a longtime favorite of restaurant chefs and seafood lovers, trout populations have recently declined. So, fish responsibly by checking with local wildlife departments for catch and size limits.


Redfish, or red drum, are teeming in the Gulf all year. Nevertheless, late summer is an especially prime time to catch some. Besides, small fish run in small schools in shallow water, while larger ones thrive alone in the depths. Redfish of all sizes are aggressive and love playing hard to get.


Flounder are adaptable to various habitats, depths, and salinity levels. So, piers and pilings are good places to start fishing for them. Additionally, they lurk at the bottoms and ambush predators like shrimp and mullet that swim above. Besides, you’ll recognize flounder by their distinctive flat bodies. Furthermore, they are delicious no matter how you cook them.


These striking fish have silver bodies with vertical black stripes. Moreover, juveniles stay somewhat close to shore over grassy or muddy beds. They have a mouthful of teeth for crushing shells to get to the meat inside. Furthermore, sheepsheads relocate to structures in deeper water as they age.

Black Drum

Small inshore black drum and sheepshead are often mistaken for each other. Nevertheless, black drum farther out can exceed 100 pounds.

Myrtle Beach charter fishingBest Fish to Catch Offshore When Myrtle Beach Fishing

In regions blessed with rich fishing grounds, there are only two times of year to go fishing in Myrtle Beach: great times and outstanding times. So, any month, you’ll see more species than you can catch. Nevertheless, some game fish seem to kick into overdrive, daring you to hook them at the height of summer. So, if it’s saltwater trophy fish you’re after, here are some of the best fish to catch:


Red snapper live around natural and manmade offshore structures. Moreover, the species is wildly popular, and Louisiana is arguably the best place to catch it. You can catch them with a federally-permitted charter captain outside of nine miles from shore typically from early June to mid-August and with a non-federally-permitted charter captain inside of nine miles from shore typically from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Additionally, the state season is adjusted according to pressure and harvest, so watch for updates. Besides, fish for the other 15 or so snapper varieties.

Yellowfin Tuna

These large, handsome fish have a distinguished torpedo-shaped body. Furthermore, their dark blue backs are set off with a classy yellow stripe. So, deep-water oil rigs are prime real estate for yellowfin. Additionally, late summer is best.

Book a Fishing Charter

Some prime fishing spots are best-kept secrets that don’t even have names. First-rate charter captains know exactly where to steer the boat for the best fish to catch. Furthermore, an experienced captain like Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. can also help you master the latest equipment and best fishing techniques. Additionally, our captains are also experts on local history and tell the best and tallest fishing tales.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, let us do the hard part. Call Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. to book a Myrtle Beach fishing trip and we’ll show you a great time and ensure your fishing trip is unforgettable.

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