fishing charterHow to Choose the Right Fishing Charter

A fishing charter can be the most effective way for an angler on the road to catch a sound bite. It is important to choose the right fishing charter.

Charter fishing trips are the stuff of angling fantasies: You’ve had a great vacation and are about to make it even better with a trip that will hopefully help you cross off exotic species from your bucket list. However, this dream can turn into a nightmare if you choose the wrong charter. If you choose a boat that is not right for you, you may regret the whole experience.

Here are five scenarios and some tips to help you avoid a fishing charter disaster.

1. Communication Breakdown

What kind of fishing are you interested in? You may be forced to fish in a way you dislike if you don’t tell the captain of your charter boat what you want. In certain areas, certain boats will only troll heavy tackle in certain seasons. You’re more likely to yawn if you are a light-tackle fisherman who is bored with trolling. The same goes for whether or not you want to kill and keep the fish or just take a picture of it and release it. Some boats will kill the fish before you even have a chance to object. Others insist on catch-and-release.

Talk to your captain before booking the trip to tell him/her what style of fishing you like and what you intend to do with the catch. Some captains are more accommodating than others, but some put their clients’ personal satisfaction before the desire to fill the fish box. If you have strong feelings about how you like to fish, make sure you bring this up in advance.

2. Personality Conflict

We all know that certain personalities don’t mix well with ours. It’s not a pleasant experience to spend the day on a boat with someone who you don’t like. Don’t forget the mate. You’ll often spend more time with your mate than with the captain, so it is important to consider their disposition.

You can make your decision easier by visiting the marina the day before your trip to meet with the captain and the mate. The captain and mate will usually stay at the marina for an hour after the trip to clean and rig up the lines. They should be happy to chat with you. You can then form an opinion about how well everyone will get along.

3. Overkill

fishing charterUncontrollable factors, such as seasickness and physical demands, could ruin a fishing trip for some inexperienced or new anglers. On some charter boats – particularly those with make-up parties, which are different people grouped together to share costs – the option of turning back and returning home early is not an option.

Consider booking a half-day fishing trip if you are trying out a new type of fishing or venturing into a territory that you haven’t explored before. All boats have them. If physical problems arise, they won’t be for long.

4. Limp Lines

It’s not surprising that you booked a charter to catch fish. You will be disappointed if the lines are slack and you don’t feel a single tug all day. Even the best captains and crews get skunked by fish occasionally. But some people are better at catching them than others.

Doing your research is the best way to ensure success. While it’s impossible for any fishing boat to guarantee action, you will have the best chance of being successful if you do. You can ask a captain to provide references or walk along the docks to talk to other fishermen in the marina. This will give you an idea of how well a boat catches and finds fish. In this age of technology, people are more likely to look online for reviews and ratings. Remember always to take online reviews with a pinch of salt. There will always be people who can’t be satisfied, while others may have personal motives for giving undeserved praise. Instead of basing your decisions on individual reviews, consider the general attitude.

5. Bargain Shopping

A fishing charter chosen based on price can be a mistake. You may end up with a substandard boat, captain, and gear. Myrtle Beach  fishing charter boats can be costly. In any area, you will find that most boats are within a range of prices. Some boats charge more, some less. There’s a good reason for the low prices of those boats. If they could charge at the current rates, they would.

It’s crucial to identify the range of prices to avoid pricing traps. The range varies by state, county and port. However, a quick internet search should reveal the current price range. There are many reasons why some boats charge less. For example, the age or size of the boat. These factors may not be important to you. Beware of charters that offer rates so low they seem to be the lowest.

Do your homework and use this advice to find the perfect charter and have a fantastic day of fishing. Take these five tips to heart as you plan your next fishing trip. You’ll soon be crossing off the species on your bucket list!

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