fishingWhat Makes Fall a Great Season For Fishing

Anglers who are less experienced, newer or just started out in fishing tend to pack their reels and rods for the fall season. You might think that the fishing season is ending as the weather cools and the winds pick up here in Myrtle Beach. But this is not the truth! Many people consider fall to be the best time of year to fish.

Let’s discuss what the fall season has in store if you go fishing.

Fewer Anglers

Many anglers change gears as the leaves begin to fall, and then spend their time in the hunt field. This means that there are fewer anglers out on the water, and therefore more fish for you to catch. The solitude also makes your fishing trip more peaceful.

More active fish

Many people mistakenly believe that fish will sink deeper into the water as the temperature drops. Although this is true for many species, it is not true for all. When the water top freezes, colder fall temperatures send fish closer to shore in a feeding frenzy. In winter, game fish will move closer to the shoreline in search of bait fish that can help them gain weight. You will also find that the lower humidity and mid-range temperatures make fishing in Myrtle Beach more enjoyable.

Beautiful Scenery

Nothing beats fall’s color palette for breathtaking scenery. The changing color of the leaves and the crisp blue sky add beauty and wonder to your time on the water. These stunning views can be used as a backdrop to your trophy fish photo or while you wait for a catch.

Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. is the best place to go for fall fishing in Myrtle Beach. The waters are already full of trophy-sized pike, trout and other species so your chances of reeling in one increase with the fall season.

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