charter fishingCharter Fishing: The Perfect Staycation

Are you wondering what to do this summer? One-fourth of Americans do not currently have any vacation plans. You are not alone if, due to lack of paid vacation time, inflation or rising travel costs, you haven’t planned a summer getaway. Staycations are a fun and affordable way to get the rest you need from your everyday life. You should consider charter fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. knows the best way to spend this time: on a Myrtle Beach Charter Fishing Trip! Learn six reasons why you should choose charter fishing as your staycation for summer this year.

Why Choose Charter Fishing

Reason #1:

It’s an adventure. Charter fishing is an adventure for anyone who doesn’t fish every day. First-time customers often tell us that their view of fishing was completely different. They thought they needed to be quiet and still so that the fish wouldn’t hear them, or that it would be boring.

You can talk, laugh and have fun on a Myrtle Beach Charter Fishing Trip. The boat will move at a constant but slow speed, allowing you to “troll” the water for fish. There’s also nothing quite like the thrill of hearing “fish on!” The feeling of triumph, when you reel in your fish and finally get to the boat, is also a great feeling. This is not a typical day at the office!

Reason #2:

Everyone can enjoy it. Everyone can enjoy spending time on the water, whether you are a couple or a family, with your children or grandchildren, or planning a day trip for men or women. Even the most obstinate teenager can do it. Our most memorable trips include watching a father, son, and grandfather work together to catch a giant King Salmon, or a husband congratulating his wife on her first fish at their wedding anniversary.

charter fishingReason #3:

It is affordable. You can enjoy a six-hour Myrtle Beach charter fishing excursion for as little as $575. If you choose to go on a weekday rather than a holiday or weekend, the rates are lower. We offer a fixed fee, so you can plan your budget. Bring snacks and drinks so that you can decide what part of the experience is most affordable. If you’d like to spend more money, we recommend a local restaurant.

Reason #4:

It’s your trip alone. All fishing charters have a private setting, so you can spend time with your friends and family on the boat. It’s especially good for people with health issues who may be concerned about large crowds and indoor spaces. 

Reason #5: 

Another reason is that your trip’s souvenirs will make for the best dinner. The fish you catch will be professionally filleted and packaged for you to take back home after your outing. To make it easier to get your catch from the lake to your table, we have a number of delicious and personally tested recipes on how to prepare King Salmons, Coho Salmons, Steelhead Trouts, Brown Trouts, and Lake Trouts.

Myrtle Beach Charter Fishing is More Than Just Fishing – It’s An Experience! You are treated to an exceptional experience from the moment you board.

If you want to experience the best charter fishing in Myrtle Beach, call Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. now.

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