charter fishingCharter Fishing On Hot Summer Days

It’s summer. Summer is the season when people get out and have fun. It can be hard to stay cool on hot summer days. Charter fishing is even more difficult. Here are some tips to help you continue despite the heat.

Fishing Charter Tips For Summer

Pick the Best Time to Fish

The best thing to do when fishing in the summer heat is to choose the right time. Choose the best time to go out. Although it may seem simple, this makes perfect sense. Either you prefer to fish in the mornings or go out in the afternoons. The weather will be much more pleasant during both of these times. This will allow you to avoid the heat and is also a great time to catch fish. When the water temperature reaches 70 degrees, fish seek shade and cool spots. Fishing can be done at night. This can provide you with the most enjoyable fishing experience.

Protect yourself

If you’re like most anglers, the second option is not for you. You’ll want to get the most out of your time if you have been working most of the week. Before you start thinking about the fish and how to figure it out, think about what you do once the temperature begins to rise.

You need to decide what clothing you want to protect your skin. There are many brands that offer UV shirts that can block harmful UV rays and wick away moisture from the skin. This will make you feel cooler. Sun gloves and a hat are also recommended to prevent overheating. High-quality sunscreen with SPF is a must. Make sure you reapply sunscreen throughout your body while fishing at Myrtle Beach.

Refreshing Drinks

You should ditch the beer if you plan to go charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. Instead, grab some water and hydrate yourself. It’s easy for people who aren’t familiar with this activity to forget to eat or drink while they are focused on the catch of a fish. Keep hydrated. You will sweat a lot while fishing so it is vital to stay hydrated. You should drink water in addition to electrolyte replenishing drinks.

Hot Action

Shade is important. Bass will hide in weed canopies and docks. Focus on the cooler, shaded parts of the day, drink plenty of water, use the proper gear, and slowly introduce your bait. These tips will make it easier to fill your boat with fish faster.

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