charter fishingNo matter where you are going, there is a certain manner of doing things when you go charter fishing. Anglers who aren’t aware of these rules can make a trip miserable. These tips can help you to be a better customer and make your fishing trip more enjoyable for you and your crew.

Tips To Remember When You Go Charter Fishing

1. It takes a first impression to make a lasting impression

Ask your captain to allow you to board the boat before you start your day. You could bet that the boat is close to their hearts. It’s their office, their livelihood and where they spend most their waking hours.

Even if they wait for you and greet you warmly, asking permission to come aboard can be a great way for you to immediately get to know the captain and show your respect.

2. There are no bananas on the boat

Seriously. This one may be familiar to you. A vast majority of fishing captains believe that you should not bring bananas to the boat, whether you are an expert or novice angler.

Captains may take this superstition one step further and refuse to allow anything with the word “banana” on their boat, such as Banana Republic clothing or Banana Boat sunscreen lotion. There are many theories about where this belief originated, but you can bet that anything, ranging from mechanical problems up to bad weather or even tight-lipped fished, would be blamed if you bring a banana to your charter boat.

3. Tell the captain exactly what you want

Talk to your captain about the type of fishing experience that you are looking for. Your captain is skilled in reading weather conditions and fish behavior. They can’t help you if you don’t communicate what kind of fishing experience you are looking for.

Communicating your needs is crucial to a successful charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. You can communicate your preferences about specific species, fishing methods, or special requests for food and beverages on the boat. The more information you provide, the better they can serve you once you are on their boat.

4. This is called fishing, not catching.

While it’s good to have a game plan, some anglers arrive with a list of species that they hope to catch on their charter. They think they can just move on to the next species once they have caught one species.

These wild animals are what we want to pursue. They live in large bodies water, which is why we are only visitors. Predictability is not their forte. You might catch one species, but not another. Captains will try to get you on the fish that you desire, but it’s fishing and not grocery shopping.

5. You can do anything

Remember that weather seasons and fishing calendars are only guidelines. However, anything can happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything will go according to plan just because you booked your fishing trip months ahead of time and have spent at least one paycheck doing so.

Many anglers travel to one destination in order to hunt specific species. However, it is important to keep in mind that a bucket list is something that you have to complete before you can ‘kick that bucket’. You need to remember that even if you pick the ideal destination, the best month, and handpick the most skilled local captain, fishing has no guarantees.

6. Do not toss your trash too far

This shouldn’t be a problem, but many tourists chartering boats for vacation don’t have much experience on the water. There are still many people who believe that “out of sight, not of mind” is a real thing. They don’t know how one person can have an impact on the vastness and beauty of the ocean.

Too many people think that way and many of our favorite fisheries have become full of plastic trash. It’s not only bad for the environment but it can also be very disrespectful to your crew, who make a living working out there. You don’t want anyone coming to your office to dump garbage all over your keyboard.

7. Do you need a bathroom?

Nature can be a constant call, no matter how many tricks you try. You are smart enough to charter a boat with a head or marine toilet. If you didn’t get this information from the crew at the beginning of your trip, don’t be ashamed to ask.

Some boats have holding tanks, while others have flushing systems that flush immediately with a hand pump. You are not on the Ritz and these systems cannot dispose of toilet paper. It might be embarrassing to have to ask for help, but it will be 100 times more embarrassing if the toilet is clogged and you end up having to come in earlier or, worse, costing you money to fix.

8. Review the product and spread the word

Charter captains, like many small businesses, survive on repeat business and referral business. Online reviews are becoming more important than ever. If you enjoy your experience, take the time to write a positive review.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their Facebook, Trip Advisor, or online fishing forum. Word of mouth referrals are the best way to find a captain you like, so make sure you pass on their contact information.

9. The tip jar should be filled

Charter captains are a popular choice because of their passion for the sport, and the altruistic joy that comes from sharing it with others. Although charter fishing trips might seem costly to you, once you add in maintenance fees, marina fees, insurance, maintenance, fuel, and all that beer, you realize how much they have left.

Tipping is a way for fishing crews to survive. If you enjoy your trip, make sure you thank them by saying more than ‘Thank You’. The general rule of thumb for tipping your fishing crew should be the same as a restaurant: 10%-15% is standard, and 20% if they really went above and beyond to help you win that trophy. You don’t have to tip your fishing crew today. It is an investment in the future.

You can be sure that they will remember you if you come back to fish with the same crew next month or next year. These are just a few examples: Did another guy book the weekend that you had open? Do you want to bump him off the calendar? You want to stay up for another 20-30 minutes, even though it is getting dark. These clients are, you guessed it. They are the ones that the captain knows will leave a tip.

Take a bow

These tips can help you have a smoother sailing experience on your next fishing adventure, whether you’re a novice charter boat captain or an experienced one. Fishing captains work in customer service. Fishing trips are not the only product they offer.

You can get better service by being a better customer. Being prepared with some fishing charter etiquette is a great way to do this.

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