The Mental Benefits of Charter Fishing

charter fishingThe Mental Benefits of Charter Fishing

It is easy to see the physical benefits of charter fishing. But that’s just half of the story. It also offers mental benefits. A few hours with a rod in your hand can make a huge difference in your mental health. Here’s why.

Why Go Charter Fishing?

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Research has shown that charter fishing in Myrtle Beach can have a huge impact on your mental health. The open water can help boost moods and can have a natural meditative impact on the mind.

That’s not all. There are many perks to fishing. The exercise is well-known for making you feel good. Mindfulness can also be achieved by focusing on the bait. It gives you the feeling of calmness and fulfillment.

Fishing can also be therapeutic. Fishing therapy is a practice that has many organizations worldwide. Fishing has been used for decades to heal body and mind, from war veterans to cancer patients.

People with post-traumatic stress seem to find fishing therapy particularly beneficial. Recent research has shown that fishing can be both short-term and long-term treatment for those suffering from PTSD. It doesn’t stop there. Patients with anxiety and depression can also benefit from charter fishing.

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The Physical Health Benefits of Fishing

charter fishingThe Physical Health Benefits of Fishing

Fishing may be a hobby or a way to relax, or simply put food on the table. Did you know that fishing is good for your health? The health benefits of fishing have so many that it is difficult to fully appreciate them.

Charter fishing is a healthy hobby. We’re going to explore the science behind angling and its effects on the mind and body in order to prove that we aren’t just telling fish stories. While some of the information is obvious, others are surprising even to us.

The Physical Benefits of Fishing

There are many ways to fish. Most of these methods have one thing in common. They involve you being out in the open and reeling in fish, then taking them home to eat. Although it may not seem like much, this can have a significant impact on your health. Here’s why.

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10 Reasons To Go Charter Fishing

charter fishing10 Reasons To Go Charter Fishing

Charter fishing is an exciting experience. But there are a few people who still need convincing. If you’re one of them, here are reasons why you should go on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip.

Why Go Charter Fishing

Stress relief

Most anglers will answer the question “freedom” when asked why they love spending time outdoors. It’s a great way to get out of the stressful environment we live in by fishing on the waterway for bluegills or casting for a trout in a marshy stream. Spending time in nature can give you a sense of aliveness and help you to replenish your personal reserves.

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Charter Fishing Tips to Avoid the Heat

charter fishingTips to Avoid the Heat When Going Charter Fishing

Summer charter fishing is all about dealing with heat and the sun. As with all outdoor activities, comfort and safety are directly linked to preparation and planning. To avoid heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration, it’s important that you plan ahead before venturing out in hot weather.

1. Keep hydrated while fishing

Your body regulates your temperature through sweat. You need to replenish fluids that you have lost through sweating in hot and humid environments to stay hydrated. You run the risk of sunstroke if you don’t get enough fluids. It is easy to stay hydrated: drink lots of fluids and drink frequently. To stay hydrated when going charter fishing in Myrtle Beach, it is a good rule of thumb to drink before you feel thirsty. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, if possible, as they tend to add to your dehydration.

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Tips When Taking Your Dad On A Charter Fishing Trip

charter fishingTips When Taking Your Dad On A Charter Fishing Trip

What is the one thing that many dads all over the United States would want to do during summer? It’s to spend time with their family and go charter fishing.

Are you looking for a unique way to express your love for your father? Why don’t you invite him to go Myrtle Beach charter fishing.

Is there anything you need to prepare when you take your dad charter fishing in Myrtle Beach? Here are a few things you need to know.

What To Prepare Before Going Charter Fishing?

Tell Your Dad

Your father may not be sure if you or your other family members would like to go on a charter fishing trip. So, you can surprise your father by asking him to go fishing, instead. Set a date and a backup date in case it rains on the first date.

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Inshore Charter Fishing: A Fun Activity for All Ages

charter fishingInshore Charter Fishing: A Fun Activity for All Ages

There are many options for charter fishing. Beautiful scenery combined with a healthy habitat creates an incredible estuary for fish like Redfish, Trout and Snook.

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful spot that boasts a world-class fishing operation. Inshore fishing with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. can be a thrilling experience for everyone, whether you are looking for a guide to take your group or just a fun way to celebrate stag weekend.

Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. offers guided charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. This coastal town is known for its beautiful scenery and crystal-clear waters.

What’s included with your Inshore Fishing Charter Experience?

You can relax and unwind when you join us for inshore fishing. Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. has all you need for the perfect fishing trip, whether it’s for beginners or experienced pros.

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Why Go On A Charter Fishing Trip With Your Dad

charter fishingWhy Go On A Charter Fishing Trip With Your Dad

It is easy to buy cliche gifts for dad for fathers day. Over time, coffee mugs, new tie designs, and tools can become boring. You can gift your dad a memorable experience by giving him something that he’ll enjoy doing. A charter fishing trip can provide valuable memories for your dad, as well as the rest of the family. These are just a few of the many reasons why a charter fishing trip is a great gift idea for dad.

A charter fishing charter trip makes a great Father’s Day gift.

No equipment required

You and your dad don’t have to bring anything if you go on a charter fishing in Myrtle Beach. All of the equipment you require, including lures and fishing poles, will be provided. You don’t need to buy additional fishing rods or lures for your trip.

You just need to show up with your dad and have some fun on the water. It’s also easier to make the fishing trip a surprise by not having to bring anything. You only need to bring what you want for sun protection and refreshments and your dad will be waiting at the docks.

Boat Space

Your dad will enjoy the experience, so it is likely that the rest of the family will join you. Chartered boats have a lot of space so they can accommodate your whole family. The boat is spacious enough to fish together and will be a memorable day for dad.

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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Charter Fishing

charter fishingHow To Get The Best Out Of Your Charter Fishing

Charter fishing services offer many benefits, especially when you’re on vacation. Charter boats are often considered expensive, but this is not always true. Below are some benefits to help you understand fishing charters.

The benefits of charter fishing

Myrtle Beach Fishing is a passion that many people have. Anglers who are unfamiliar with this area will rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for hotspots or locations. You won’t find many spots if your boat is not available, whether it’s a rental boat or one you own.

These issues can be eliminated by charter fishing services. You don’t need to bring or rent anything. You can relax and fish as a passenger. It’s easy to just show up at the dock and hop in the boat. This is a great way to enhance your fishing experience and focus on the fishing.

A charter fishing service in your local area provides another benefit: they know the area well. A local captain will know the best spots to fish for fish and you’ll be sure to catch one. This will greatly increase the number of fish that you catch.

A smaller charter fishing boat can allow you to access remote locations that are otherwise impossible with a larger vessel. The hot spots can make a big difference in catching fish or not.

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9 Tips To Be A Better Client When You Go Charter Fishing

charter fishingNo matter where you are going, there is a certain manner of doing things when you go charter fishing. Anglers who aren’t aware of these rules can make a trip miserable. These tips can help you to be a better customer and make your fishing trip more enjoyable for you and your crew.

Tips To Remember When You Go Charter Fishing

1. It takes a first impression to make a lasting impression

Ask your captain to allow you to board the boat before you start your day. You could bet that the boat is close to their hearts. It’s their office, their livelihood and where they spend most their waking hours.

Even if they wait for you and greet you warmly, asking permission to come aboard can be a great way for you to immediately get to know the captain and show your respect.

2. There are no bananas on the boat

Seriously. This one may be familiar to you. A vast majority of fishing captains believe that you should not bring bananas to the boat, whether you are an expert or novice angler.

Captains may take this superstition one step further and refuse to allow anything with the word “banana” on their boat, such as Banana Republic clothing or Banana Boat sunscreen lotion. There are many theories about where this belief originated, but you can bet that anything, ranging from mechanical problems up to bad weather or even tight-lipped fished, would be blamed if you bring a banana to your charter boat.

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What You Need To Know About Charter Fishing In Intracoastal Waterway

charter fishingThe coast of South Carolina includes a section of the Atlantic Intracoastal waterway. This is a network of man-made canals that connects inlets, bays and rivers. For anglers from South Carolina, the Intracoastal Waterway offers a variety of freshwater and salt fishing opportunities. The Intracoastal Waterway is a great place to go if you’re looking for a memorable charter fishing trip on the Carolina coast.

Charter Fishing: Where to go?

The South Carolina section of the Intracoastal waterway runs along the South Carolina coast. It covers famous places like Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Hilton Head. You’ll find a lot of places where you can go charter fishing

What to Catch?

Freshwater fishing can bring you shad, herring and white crappie as well as catfish, redfish, and striped bass. Saltwater fishing will bring you flounder, red drum fish, sea bass, cobia and mackerel. You should also be aware that the seasons and catch restrictions can vary, so make sure to check our weekly fishing report.

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