Embarking on Your First Saltwater Fishing Adventure

saltwater fishingEmbarking on Your First Saltwater Fishing Adventure

A day of saltwater fishing can be a thrilling experience, whether you’re with family or friends. It’s a chance to soak up the Florida sun, enjoy the beautiful Gulf waters, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re completely new to fishing or have spent countless hours casting in freshwater streams, your first-time saltwater fishing on a charter boat is a unique adventure.

Saltwater Fishing vs. Freshwater Fishing

Even seasoned anglers who go freshwater fishing think that saltwater fishing is a whole new world on their first outing. Catching a Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, or Walleye requires patience and finesse. Many freshwater fishermen seek tranquility and a small catch for the grill. In contrast, saltwater fishing offers a wide variety of fish species and sizes, often leading to more action.

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Top Reasons Why Kids Should Go Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishingTop Reasons Why Kids Should Go Deep Sea Fishing

Are you wondering why taking your kids on deep sea fishing adventures is such a great idea? Let’s explore ten fantastic reasons why kids and deep sea fishing make a fantastic combination:

Outdoor Adventures

Deep sea fishing gets kids out of the house and away from screens. It’s an active sport that involves both physical activity and technology like sonar and radar. It’s a chance to introduce kids to technology beyond their phones and tablets while giving them real-world experiences.

Memorable Moments

Fishing trips create cherished memories. Learning to fish is a way of gaining new skills and experiences. For many adults, these memories are beautiful and almost spiritual, connecting them to their childhood. Deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach creates positive memories that last a lifetime.

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Skip Black Friday and Go Fishing

fishing Skip Black Friday and Go Fishing

From the moment visitors arrive at this fishing destination until the moment they depart, they are in for an unforgettable experience. Aboard some of the finest vessels on the east coast, guests will skim over the pristine blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to reach incredible locations, including the renowned Gulf Stream, promise exciting encounters with the ocean’s finest.

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the deep blue of the Gulf Stream offer an angler’s paradise, a place where the sheer joy of this activity blends seamlessly with the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea.

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All About Shark Fishing

shark fishingAll About Shark Fishing

Shark fishing in a certain place has become very popular. Even though sharks have been around for a very long time, many people are scared of them when they swim near the beach. But in this place, sharks are a natural part of the ocean experience.

For people who like fishing, catching sharks is a big deal. There are plenty of big fish here, but sharks are the most exciting. When you go on a shark fishing trip, you get to be the hunter, which is really thrilling. You also get to feel the excitement of catching big, aggressive fish in a safe way. Plus, you have experts who know how to bring the sharks to you.

Shark Fishing Trips – Have Fun and Stay Safe

Going on a shark fishing trip with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters is one of the most exciting things you can do if you love adventure. You’ll be safe with an experienced captain and crew, and you’ll get to see how powerful, big, and beautiful sharks are up close. When you feel a shark biting your line, the battle begins. Winning against a shark takes knowledge and skill. Sharks are unpredictable, but having a skilled crew on your side is important to catch a huge trophy shark.

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Myrtle Beach Fishing Trips in November

Myrtle Beach fishingMyrtle Beach Fishing Trips in November

As we embrace the spirit of thankfulness during the month of November, it’s a time not only to appreciate life’s blessings but also to relish the joys of outdoor activities. For many, Myrtle Beach fishing is a beloved pastime that perfectly complements the crisp autumn air and the changing colors of the season.

In our local area, November has offered a fantastic opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to head out onto the water. The waters here are teeming with a variety of fish, making each charter fishing trip an exciting adventure. Let’s dive deeper into the fishing experiences of this month:

November Myrtle Beach Fishing Adventures


One of the prized catches in November is the amberjack. These fish are known for their incredible strength and tenacity, making them a challenging and exhilarating target for anglers. When you hook an amberjack, be prepared for a thrilling battle as they put up a big fight. Landing one of these feisty fish is not only rewarding but also a testament to your angling skills.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Fishing Trip

fishing tripCelebrate Thanksgiving with a Fishing Trip

Looking to make this Thanksgiving extra memorable with your loved ones? Consider going on a fishing trip! It’s a unique experience that can create lasting memories.

To secure your spot, make your reservation early, as availability is limited. Our fishing adventures are private, ensuring you and your group have an exclusive experience. Contact us to book your trip.

Here’s what you can expect from a Thanksgiving fishing adventure:

What Happens on a Thanksgiving Fishing Trip?

Going on a Thanksgiving fishing trip in Myrtle Beach is a truly unique experience, offering you a chance to check off a bucket list item.

Our experienced Captains will take you to great fishing spots. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to catch various types of fish while enjoying quality time with your friends and family.

You’ll get up close to marine life and breathe in the fresh sea air. Once you’re in the prime fishing spots, get ready for action! Fishing requires patience, but it’s an exciting challenge that can lead to thrilling moments. Do you think you have what it takes?

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A Wonderful Christmas Gift: A Guided Fishing Trip

fishing tripA Wonderful Christmas Gift: A Guided Fishing Trip

Experiences are better than stuff you buy. Christmas is coming soon. What should you give to the people who love fishing? Consider giving them a guided fishing trip.

Why Go On A Fishing Trip?

Finding the perfect gift can be hard. It’s easy to make a mistake when buying for people who fish sometimes. But if you want to give something special to someone who loves to go on a fishing trip, it can be tough.

It’s tricky to find gifts for people who fish. Each person who fishes has their own favorite brand or type of gear. When you think about what to give a fisher in your life, think about what kind of fishing gift you’d like to get.

Most people who really love fishing would rather pick out their own gear at some point. They know what they like. Your cousin might be an expert at catching fish deep in the ocean, but they might not know what to get you.

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A Guided Fishing Trip: A Wonderful Christmas Present

fishing tripA Guided Fishing Trip: A Wonderful Christmas Present

Christmas is coming soon, and you might be wondering what to give to the angler in your life. What about a guided fishing trip?

Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky, especially if your loved one is a serious angler. They probably have their favorite brands and gear, making it hard to pick something they’ll truly love. Imagine if someone tried to pick a gift for you based on something you’re passionate about, like fishing—it can be tough!

Most dedicated anglers prefer to choose their own fishing equipment because they know exactly what suits their needs. If you’re thinking about what to get your fishing enthusiast, consider what you’d like if you were in their shoes.

As anglers, we often have specific preferences, whether it’s the type of fish we target or the methods we use. Someone who has never fished before might have no clue about our unique needs and preferences. It’s a bit like when you had to find a gift for a distant relative who’s into a highly specialized field that you know nothing about. You probably had a tough time picking out something meaningful for them!

So, what’s the solution?

It can be just as challenging for one angler to buy a gift for another. Even if you know their favorite fish to catch and how they like to catch it, you might not know what’s missing from their Myrtle Beach fishing gear collection or what they truly desire. Chances are, if they need something, they’ve already planned to buy it themselves.

fishing tripYou could always wrap up a spool of fishing line with a bow on it. They’ll probably use it at some point, but the real meaning behind this gift might be, “I didn’t know what to get you, so here’s some fishing line.”

The most meaningful Christmas gift for an angler might be a day on the water. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it can be as simple as a fishing trip to a nearby creek or a boat ride after Christmas dinner to catch some speckled trout. You can even mark your calendar for a future fishing day, agree on a date, or give them a gift certificate for a guided fishing trip. Any angler would appreciate the experience more than a bag of lures or a new fishing hat.

Remember that feeling of excitement and anticipation you had as a child waiting for Christmas morning? Well, they won’t get that “it’s over” feeling with a fishing trip gift. Whether it’s a future fishing date they’re looking forward to or a Christmas Day adventure, it will be a unique and memorable experience.

Book a Guided Trip

If you decide to give them a gift certificate for a guided fishing trip, think about choosing a guide who explores different fishing spots than what your loved one is used to. This will open up new fishing opportunities and provide them with something they might not have tried on their own. It’s the perfect way to offer them an unforgettable experience and introduce them to new fishing grounds.

And if you plan to be their guide, think about your favorite fishing location or ask them about their dream fishing adventure. Make their fishing trip even more special by adding some tangible gifts like fishing lures and that spool of fishing line. These small items will serve as reminders of the wonderful fishing trip in Myrtle Beach you’ve gifted them, and the memories will stay with them for a lifetime, making it one of the best Christmas presents they’ve ever received.

Call Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC. now and enjoy a memorable guided fishing trip in Myrtle Beach. It will surely make your Christmas celebration one of a kind.

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Charter Boat Fishing Safety Made Simple

charter boat fishingCharter Boat Fishing Safety Made Simple

Before we head out on a charter boat fishing trip, we want you to arrive 20 minutes early. This gives us time to load up and spend 15 minutes talking about safety. No matter how many times you’ve been fishing with us, you’ll always hear the safety talk – no exceptions.

Safety is our priority. Your captain and crew are always sober, and we’re trained in CPR and AED every two years.

Charter Boat Fishing Safety

Let’s talk about why we’re discussing charter boat safety. We want to assure you that charter fishing is safe as long as we’re careful and don’t make mistakes. Most of the time, charter boats operate safely. But we prepare for the unexpected, that one in a thousand situations.

We take safety seriously, even if it’s expensive. Many six-passenger charter boats have only the minimum safety equipment, like life jackets, flares, and a first aid kit. We go beyond the minimum to keep you safe. We invested in a $4,000 life raft, which costs $960 a year to keep certified. We also have safety features like a high water alarm, fire extinguishers, and a tracking device for emergencies.

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Exciting Fall Myrtle Beach Fishing Opportunities

Myrtle Beach fishingExciting Fall Myrtle Beach Fishing Opportunities

As summer turns into fall, many fish get ready for winter by eating a lot. This is a great time to catch them. Here are five types of fish you can try to catch this fall when you go Myrtle Beach fishing.

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting cooler, and you’re in the mood for some fall fishing in Myrtle Beach. Well, fall is the perfect time for it. Fish know that winter is coming, so they eat a lot before it gets cold. No matter where you live, you can have a chance to catch some really active fish this fall.

What You Can Catch When You Go Myrtle Beach Fishing


Crappie are a popular catch in the fall because they live in many places across the United States, and they like to bite. You can find them near things like beaver dams, fallen trees, and bridges. They start to go deeper in the water as the season goes on and it gets colder. The best time to catch them is when the water temperature is in the 60s. Even as it gets colder, you can still catch them before winter arrives.

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