The Do’s and Don’ts on a Guided Fishing Trip

The Do’s and Don’ts on a Guided Fishing Trip

fishingIf you’re gearing up for a guided fishing trip, it’s essential to know the proper fishing etiquette to ensure a fantastic fishing experience for you and your group. We’ve put together this article to highlight the Do’s and Don’ts of proper fishing etiquette, helping you have an enjoyable and successful fishing trip.

Do’s and Don’ts of proper fishing etiquette

The Do’s

Come Prepared: Prepare for a day out on the water during your guided fishing trip. If you’re bringing kids under 13, make sure to have life preservers that fit them properly. Consider bringing a urinal for men to anticipate bathroom needs. Women can ask the captain to return to shore for restroom breaks.

Dress appropriately for various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and hot weather. Bring sunglasses, coolers for your catch (if you decide to keep them), and snacks or beverages in case hunger strikes. Most importantly, don’t forget sunblock and other protective measures against the hot sun, as the boat is fully exposed to the sun’s rays.

Listen to and Follow Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the captain’s instructions about fishing and boat etiquette, regardless of your fishing experience. Understanding the rules and procedures ensures a safe and successful fishing trip for everyone. The captain will provide essential guidelines, such as the correct way to sit while the boat is moving and being cautious while handling fishing lures.

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July 27 Fishing Report

Morning surface water temperatures are around 85-87 and the creeks are full of bait.   

It’s not fall inshore fishing, but Captain Buddy Love with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters (843-361-7445) reports that they are doing pretty well catching scattered redfish and black drum in the creek mouths with live shrimp on a slip cork rig.  The falling tide has been best, and you can also pick up redfish on live finger mullet.  

Trout are also around in the same areas, but they have been small.   

The flounder are fairly prolific, but south of the border most of them are short fish right now.  There are some keeper fish that can be caught at creek mouths, but it seems like most of the better fish have headed out to the jetties or nearshore. 

It’s still a pretty incredible Spanish mackerel bite some days, and the last time they went after them they managed to troll up one about every ten minutes.  Twenty-five feet of water is the magic depth, and you can catch them trolling spoons on #1 or #2 planer boards.  There are also still some times when you can cast at them.   


Dive into a World of Adventure with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters

fishing chartersDive into a World of Adventure with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters

The Myrtle Beach area, renowned for its unique blend of southern charm and coastal elegance, holds a special allure for fishing enthusiasts. Its breathtaking coastal scenery teems with a vast array of marine life, offering incredible opportunities for both inshore and deep-sea fishing.

At the heart of these exciting aquatic experiences is Captain Smiley Fishing Charters, providing visitors with a unique platform to fully immerse themselves in the rich fishing culture of Myrtle Beach.

Advantages of Fishing Charters

Charter fishing offers a host of benefits, particularly for those new to the world of fishing or for individuals looking for a fully-guided, top-notch fishing experience.

1. Knowledge and Expertise: The crew at Captain Smiley Fishing Charters holds an intimate knowledge of local waterways and fish migration patterns. They can guide you to the best fishing spots and give you tips to improve your technique, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler.

2. High-End Gear: Another perk of opting for charter fishing is the high-quality gear that’s included. You don’t have to worry about buying, transporting, or maintaining your own equipment; Captain Smiley provides state-of-the-art rods, reels, bait, and tackle for your convenience.

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The Best Tips for Inshore Fishing

inshore fishingThe Best Tips for Inshore Fishing

Many people love inshore fishing. You can fish all year long. It’s affordable and accessible. Anglers along the Atlantic Coast target fish such as striped bass and redfish.

They also catch flounder, snook and speckled Trout. Bonefish and tarpon are all found in tropical areas like the Caribbean. These fish are known for having a fierce fighting ability. Anglers can catch salmon, calico bass and striped bass on the West Coast.

It’s crucial to learn how and where to fish for new species before you begin. It’s possible that you will need to learn new techniques and tactics for a particular species by paying close attention to your charter fishing captain. It may be necessary to change your boat or buy a brand-new one. However, Captain Smiley Fishing Charters has the right equipment and boats for inshore fishing.

We provide all the information you need to be successful in offshore fishing. This includes details on different species, techniques and boats.

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Tips and Techniques for Fishing in Myrtle Beach

FishingTips and Techniques for Fishing in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to fishing in Myrtle Beach, timing is crucial. While the best time of day for angling depends on the target species, there are some general tips that can improve your chances of success.

Most fish are active during dawn or dusk when light levels are low, making their prey more visible. During this time, you can find various species near reefs or drop-offs within reach from shore. For example, trout and pompano prefer shallow waters around sunset, while flounder are frequently caught at nightfall.

In addition, factors like barometric pressure influence bite patterns. If the weather is warm and stable, mid-morning is usually ideal for inshore and deep sea fishing.

How To Have A Memorable Fishing Experience

However, if there’s been a sudden change in temperature or humidity, early morning may yield better results. Therefore, it’s important to monitor environmental conditions before heading out for a successful fishing trip in Myrtle Beach.

Before you embark on your fishing adventure, check the weather forecast and pay attention to any warnings or advisories from local authorities. Also, consider the time of year, the type of bait you’re using, and the species you’re targeting to increase your chances of success in Myrtle Beach. Understanding the best timing and techniques for different situations allows you to have more control over the outcome of each fishing excursion.

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July 13 Fishing Report

Morning surface water temperatures are in the mid-80s and the creeks are full of bait.   

It’s July on the South Carolina coast, and Captain Buddy Love with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters (843-361-7445) reports that some days you have to work to catch the inshore species.  But they are still biting, and each trip they are managing to pick up some combination of floundertrout and redfish.  Unfortunately most of the keeper flounder seem to be north of the border in North Carolina, but if you weed through smaller fish you can still find some in South Carolina waters.  

While for flounder you will have the best success dragging baits along the bottom, to pick up a mixed inshore bag live shrimp or finger mullet under a slip cork have been the best bait.  Target moving water and look around shell beds.  Recently the falling tide has been the best.  You can also pick up redfish as well as occasional black drum with cut shrimp on the bottom in holes and around oysters.  

Even as the resident fish can slow down in the heat, the Spanish mackerel bite is still red-hot.  Trolling spoons is a great way to catch them, but recently they caught 30 fish casting at the schools.  Spanish are generally off the beaches in 20-30 feet of water, although sometimes they will come closer.  Birds will usually show you the way if the fish are schooling.     

Finally, the best fighting fish easily accessible right now are sharks, and there are some big ones inside as well as off the beaches.  In 25-30 feet of water they have gotten into some hammerheads recently.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing in Myrtle Beach

fishingQ: What type of bait works best for Myrtle Beach inshore and deep sea fishing?
A: When it comes to deep sea fishing, live bait is the most effective option. Live shrimp, squid, and small crustaceans are popular choices that attract big gamefish like grouper and snapper.

If this type of bait isn’t available, artificial lures can also be successful in imitating prey and attracting predators like bluefish and mackerel. Captain Smiley’s Fishing Charters provides all needed bait depending on the type of fishing you will be doing.

Q: What is the cost of a deep sea fishing charter?
A: The cost of a deep sea fishing charter in Grand Strand can vary depending on factors such as the size and type of boat, duration of the trip, and whether it’s a private or shared charter. It’s important to shop around and compare rates from different providers to ensure you get the best deal.

Q: Is a license to fish required for inshore and deep sea fishing?
A: Yes, a recreational saltwater fishing license is required for inshore and deep sea fishing activities in Myrtle Beach. Individuals 16 years old or older must obtain a valid permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). With that said, Captain Smiley’s Fishing Carters provide all needed license.

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Exploring Popular Fishing Spots in the Myrtle Beach Area

fishing options myrtle beachNow let’s take a closer look at some of the well-known fishing spots in the Myrtle Beach area. Anglers have a variety of options, including saltwater piers, surfcasting and charter fishing, to make the most of this fantastic fishing destination.

North and South Inlet Jetties: These jetties provide access to deep water throughout the year and are known for species like , flounder and sea bass.

Little River Jetties: Anglers from far and wide flock to this spot due to its abundance of speckled trout, black drum, and sheepshead.

Apache Pier Fishing: Situated on the east coast, Apache Pier is one of the longest fishing piers in the region. It offers the chance to catch a wide range of inshore species such as bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and pompano.

Surf Fishing: Along various parts of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, anglers can try their luck with surfcasting. Whether it’s targeting redfish, sharks, or whiting, fishing from the beach can be a thrilling experience.

Myrtle Beach Charter Boat Fishing Trips: For those looking to venture further offshore, charter boat trips are highly recommended. These trips usually provide all the necessary equipment, including rods, reels, and bait, and give anglers the opportunity to target game fish like grouper, mahi-mahi, and amberjack.

When it comes to the best time for inshore or deep-sea fishing off Myrtle Beach, it largely depends on the species you’re targeting. However, as a general rule, first daylight hours during high tide tend to yield more bites. To ensure a successful inshore fishing outing, it’s crucial to have the right gear and equipment. Before setting out, make sure you are well-prepared. Here’s a list of the gear and equipment you’ll need :

Deep Sea Fishing Gear and Equipment:

  • fishing Myrtle BeachRod and reel suitable for bottom feeders like snapper or grouper, with heavy line.
  • Circle hooks to reduce the chances of fish swallowing the bait.
  • Baits such as squid, shrimp, and cut-up pieces of fish.
  • Weights and swivels to keep the bait near the bottom.
  • Floats to gauge the depth of your lines.
  • Pliers and cutting tools for various tasks.
  • Safety equipment, including flares, life jackets, and signal mirrors.
  • Sunscreen to protect against the high UV index.
  • Extra clothing layers based on expected weather conditions.

With these essential accessories, you can confidently venture into deeper waters in search of that perfect catch.  Keep un mind, that a charter fishing trip with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC will supply what you need except sunscreen, proper attire and snacks for dietary restrictions. 

Call Captain Smiley Fishing Charters LLC today or book your trip online here.  

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Time for Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing in Myrtle Beach

deep sea fishingThe Ultimate Guide to the Best Time for Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Timing is everything when it comes to successful inshore fishing and deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the optimal times for reeling in your catch and why they matter.

In future posts we will provide tips on the essential gear you’ll need for a fantastic fishing adventure near Myrtle Beach. So, let’s get started and discover the best time of day to embark on your inshore and deep sea fishing excursions!

Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Ideal Conditions for Fishing

In Myrtle Beach, the best time for inshore fishing in Myrtle Beach and deep sea fishing depends on several factors. Anglers should be aware of the conditions and patterns that lead to successful outings. Ideally, you’ll want warm temperatures, minimal wind, and calm seas. These conditions increase your chances of success while fishing.

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Mastering the Summer Heat: A Guide to Inshore Fishing Comfort

inshore fishingMastering the Summer Heat: A Guide to Inshore Fishing Comfort

When it comes to fishing during the scorching summer months, the blazing sun and sweltering air can pose challenges. However, fear not!

By equipping yourself with the right knowledge and preparing accordingly, you can turn your next fishing trip into a resounding success even in the heat.

In this exclusive article, we will unveil a collection of invaluable tips and techniques to help you keep cool while fishing in hot weather. Additionally, we’ll delve into effective measures for safeguarding yourself against the sun’s harmful rays.

Get ready to discover a treasure trove of practical advice that will elevate your summer Myrtle Beach inshore fishing experience to new heights.

Wear The Right Clothes When You Go Inshore Fishing

To begin, selecting appropriate attire can work wonders in combatting the heat. Opt for lightweight garments in light colors, as they aid in reflecting the sun’s rays and maintaining a cooler body temperature compared to darker shades.

Donning a well-fitted hat or visor will not only shield your eyes but also provide respite for your face from the relentless heat of the sun as you enjoy your charter fishing trip in Myrtle Beach. For added protection, consider using face masks or scarfs, safeguarding your neck and face from the sun’s damaging radiation.

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