Experience the Ultimate Charter Boat Fishing Adventure in Myrtle Beach

charter boat fishingExperience the Ultimate Charter Boat Fishing Adventure in Myrtle Beach

Imagine embarking on an unforgettable fishing expedition without the hassle of owning a boat. Well, if you’re a fishing enthusiast seeking a thrilling adventure, a charter boat fishing trip in Myrtle Beach is your ticket to excitement.

Picture yourself cruising the shoreline or intracoastal waterway fishing areas with a group of avid anglers, reeling in the catch of a lifetime. To ensure your fishing expedition is nothing short of spectacular, we’ve compiled some invaluable tips that will guarantee an exceptional charter boat fishing experience in Myrtle Beach.

Tips To Have A Memorable Myrtle Beach Charter Boat Fishing

Craft a Realistic Fishing Schedule

In a perfect world, you’d cast your worries aside and spend an eternity fishing. However, reality beckons, and it’s essential to consider your other commitments. Plan your fishing trip while keeping your schedule and those of your fellow fishing enthusiasts in mind.

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Family Fishing Trips in Myrtle Beach SC

family fishing

We still have a few spots left for our kids fishing camps. Register today!

Are you ready for a fishing trip that are fun for the entire family? Children are the only ones who can truly appreciate the thrill of fishing. Every tug of the line, and every fish that is brought aboard the boat, is an exciting moment for them. Our captains love to be a part of the excitement.

The Myrtle Beach area offers a variety of opportunities for children to develop a connection with nature and learn how to fish. We quickly get you and your family on the fish to provide the best experience. Fishing for Kids is a great way to get your kids involved in the sport. We welcome children ages 4 to 12 and take pride in teaching them how to fish no matter what their level of experience.

Family Fishing Trips in Myrtle Beach SC


All the equipment you need for a successful fishing trip is provided by us, including fishing rods and reels, tackle, bait, and even your fishing license. You only need to bring lunch and your willingness to enjoy an adventure.

Experienced Captains

Our captains are experts in the Grand Strand, Intracoastal Waterway and know where to find the best fishing spots for you and your family.

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Shark Fishing at Myrtle Beach

fishingShark Fishing at Myrtle Beach

Visitors to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina are increasingly interested in shark fishing. Sharks have existed for millions of years, long before dinosaurs or humans. Yet, we still fear shark encounters on the beach. Sharks are a natural part of the Atlantic Ocean, and they hunt and live just off Myrtle Beach.

Shark fishing can be life-changing for a fisherman. Sharks are the most feared and awe-inspiring of all fish. You can expect to receive the following:

The adrenaline rush of reversing roles is a great way to get into the game.

Enjoy the thrill of battling big, aggressive fish while in a secure environment.

Get the expertise of a captain and crew who are trained to bring sharks to your location.

Shark Fishing Charters: Experience the thrill of shark fishing in Myrtle Beach waters safely

A shark fishing charter can be one of the most exciting experiences for adventurers. Guided shark fishing trips offer the best opportunity to see sharks’ beauty, strength and size up close. The battle begins when you feel the force of the shark’s bite. Knowledge and wit are the keys to winning the tug-of-war match between shark and man. Sharks can be unpredictable, but a charter crew with experience is crucial to reel in the biggest trophy shark.

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June Fishing Report

Morning surface water temperatures are about 77 or 78 degrees around Little River.   

The Spanish mackerel fishing has been as good they have ever seen it at the north end of the Grand Strand, and Captain Buddy Love with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters (843-361-7445) reports that they are catching them as fast as they can reel them in.  On Father’s Day they caught 45 fish in two hours!  Most of them are keepers and there are also some fish in the 20-inch range.  They are within a mile of the beaches around the menhaden schools, and you can either troll or cast spoons for them.   

While there are a few king mackerel and cobia close in around the bait, most of the kings seem to be out in 35-40 feet of water.  However, there are tons of sharks to be caught.  

Inshore it’s typical summer fishing, and that means they are catching a few redfishtrout and flounder but overall things are settling into a slower summer pattern as the water warms.  Flounder are probably the best of those, and there are tons of keepers in North Carolina but they are rarer south of the border.  Dragging mud minnows or finger mullet on a Carolina rig is tough to beat for flounder, but you can also fish the bait on a jighead.  

Trout have been pretty sporadic but fish can be caught on live shrimp fished in creek mouths, while the best redfish action is usually on low tide mud flats in depressions and around oyster beds. 

Best Ways For Fishing After Rain

fishingBest Ways For Fishing After Rain

Is saltwater fishing after rain good or bad for you? This is a very common question, and the answer is maybe. Before a storm, it is best to go fishing. Fish can detect changes in barometric conditions and try to eat as much as possible.

This is because most fish will hunker down and wait out the storm. It takes more energy to combat the waves and currents that are created by a storm when the water becomes rougher. Fish will seek out places that are less exposed to the elements and use less energy to remain safe.

Fish may become more active after a storm. Fish may leave their shelter to hunt for food. The fish may have difficulty finding food if there is rough water or higher turbidity levels in the water (mud, silt, and sand). The waves will be higher in deeper water but it wouldn’t be too muddy.

Fishing after rain is a good idea if you target a specific fish species. Species with a lot of energy must keep eating to maintain their speed. Mackerels are a good example. Tarpons, too, are high-energy fish. Both fish are great targets after rain. Try snook, black drums, bluefish, and speckled trout if you’re fishing near shore. Even flounder are more active, looking for the smaller creatures that rougher waters have displaced.

If you’re fishing in Myrtle Beach, look for structures such as oil rigs or wrecks. You can also fish along the shelf. These are the areas where baitfish will move to during rougher water. After the storm has passed, predatory fish such as Tarpon, Cobia and Yellowtails, Tunas, Mackerel and Sharks will also head to these areas to feed on the baitfish.

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How to Choose the Right Fishing Charter

fishing charterHow to Choose the Right Fishing Charter

A fishing charter can be the most effective way for an angler on the road to catch a sound bite. It is important to choose the right fishing charter.

Charter fishing trips are the stuff of angling fantasies: You’ve had a great vacation and are about to make it even better with a trip that will hopefully help you cross off exotic species from your bucket list. However, this dream can turn into a nightmare if you choose the wrong charter. If you choose a boat that is not right for you, you may regret the whole experience.

Here are five scenarios and some tips to help you avoid a fishing charter disaster.

1. Communication Breakdown

What kind of fishing are you interested in? You may be forced to fish in a way you dislike if you don’t tell the captain of your charter boat what you want. In certain areas, certain boats will only troll heavy tackle in certain seasons. You’re more likely to yawn if you are a light-tackle fisherman who is bored with trolling. The same goes for whether or not you want to kill and keep the fish or just take a picture of it and release it. Some boats will kill the fish before you even have a chance to object. Others insist on catch-and-release.

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Deep Sea Fishing Thrills – Nearshore Charters

fishingDeep Sea Fishing Thrills

The ocean is filled with adventure as the warm southern sun casts its warm rays over the calm waters of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. You’re not simply casting your lines into the blue, vast unknown. You’re actually entering an underwater world rich with marine life and all within sight of the shore when you go fishing.

The coast of South Carolina, especially around Myrtle Beach, has been a secret gem for fishermen for many years. Nearshore fishing in Myrtle Beach is one of the best-kept secrets in this beautiful coastal area. It’s a great adventure; you don’t need to spend hours on a boat catching big fish. Imagine being only a few minutes from land yet having access to many wrecks and coral reefs teeming with kingfish and cobia.

Nearshore fishing is a fascinating world.

Nearshore fishing is a great way to enjoy the variety of fish and its proximity. Nearshore fishing is a great way to experience thriving marine life while being close to shore. This is a thrilling and unique fishing experience unlike any other. The short boat ride to an underwater paradise filled with marine life is what makes it unique. Nearshore fishing is a great adventure for beginners and seasoned fishermen alike, thanks to its proximity to shore.

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Experience the Joy of Fishing with Kids in Myrtle Beach

Experience the Joy of Fishing with Kids in Myrtle Beach

We are taking reservations for our kids fishing camp.  This is an experience you don’t want your kids to miss. See availability here. https://www.palmettokidsfishingcamps.com/#schedule

fishingAre you planning a family trip to Myrtle Beach and looking for a fun and educational activity to engage your kids? Look no further than the art of fishing! Teaching kids to fish in Myrtle Beach is not only a fantastic way to bond as a family, but it also instills a lifelong love for the outdoors and creates lasting memories. This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make your family fishing trip successful.

Benefits of Fishing for Kids in Myrtle Beach

Fishing offers numerous benefits for children beyond just entertainment. Myrtle Beach provides various fishing opportunities, including inshore and deep-sea fishing, making it the perfect place to get kids hooked on this exciting sport.

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The Benefits of a Charter Fishing Boat

charter fishingThe Benefits of Charter Fishing Boat

Are you a fisherman? If you enjoy fishing, you might want to consider hiring a charter fishing boat for your next fishing excursion. Here are six reasons to hire a chartered boat for your next fishing trip.

Tips When Looking For Charter Fishing Trip

There is Everything You Need

You have to take everything with you when you go fishing alone. You need to bring everything you will need to fish. This includes your reel, rod, bait, boat, etc. When you book a charter fishing trip, you will be provided with everything you need. You might only need to bring a hat and some sun lotion. Everything else will be provided.

You will know the best spots

You may not know where to fish to catch big fish if you are fishing alone. A charter fishing boat in Myrtle Beach will know the best places to fish. It’s in their best interest to be able to guide their customers to the right places so they are satisfied and will return to them.

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Guide To Charter Fishing for Beginners

charter fishingGuide To Charter Fishing for Beginners

You’ve probably decided to go on a charter fishing trip for the first time. That’s great! As any angler can tell, this is the most effective way to wet your line. There are still a lot of things to be aware of and learn. We’ve created this guide to help you prepare for your first fishing adventure. Read on if you’d like a more detailed guide!

Some aspects of chartering fishing are universal. We’ll cover the following: how to prepare for your trip, what to be aware of while on the boat and some things to remember after you return from the water.

Plan Your First Charter Fishing Trip

To make your first charter successful, you need to plan ahead and set expectations with your Captain. Charter fishing offers a wide range of options. No two charter fishing trips are alike. The first time you go out on the boat may be very different than someone else’s. What you bring and what to watch out for while fishing will depend on the type of trip that you select. Here are some tips on how to plan your trip.

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