Shark Fishing Myrtle Beach

shark fishingShark Fishing Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is known for its pristine beaches, endless activities, and fantastic seafood. One activity that may not come to mind immediately when planning a trip to Myrtle Beach is shark fishing, but it should. Shark fishing is an exhilarating and unique experience that can add excitement and adventure to your vacation.

Why you should consider going shark fishing on your next vacation to Myrtle Beach

Indulging in shark fishing is an incomparable, thrilling venture worth considering. The mere act of wrestling an enormous shark from the depths of the ocean offers a euphoric sensation of achievement that is hard to match. Sharks are among the most forceful aquatic creatures, and their capture requires a high level of competence. The East Coast of Myrtle Beach boasts an array of shark species, such as the bull, tiger, and blacktip sharks, all of which can be found swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Getting up close and personal with one of these majestic animals is an adventure that will leave a lasting impression on your memory.

Myrtle Beach shark fishing also provides a unique opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures. Your guide will likely inform you about the different types of sharks that inhabit the waters and their behaviors. You may learn about their habitat, what they eat, and how they hunt. This educational opportunity is perfect for families or anyone interested in marine life.

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March 2023 Fishing Report

March 22

Morning surface water temperatures are about 57-60 degrees around Little River, and due to all the wind the water is fairly dirty.

The fishing has picked up at the top of the coast, and Captain Buddy Love with Captain Smiley Fishing Charters (843-361-7445) reports that the most consistent thing going is the trout bite. Some bigger fish are also beginning to arrive.

They are catching trout at creeks mouths, along banks and at the jetties. Fish are biting on both the rising and falling tide, as long as there is moving water. The best depth range has been 5-8 feet of water. While they are catching some fish on Vudu Shrimp, and even on the fly, live shrimp is hard to beat!

There are black drum mixed in with the trout being caught on the same live shrimp, but you can probably pick up more black drum fishing on the bottom with fresh cut shrimp. The best concentrations are also a bit deeper in 10-15 feet of water. The jetties have been good for black drum.

A few redfish are being picked up as well, mostly on low tide in skinny water or holes. Some are also being caught around creek mouths on the dropping tide when everything is being flushed out of the creeks. They are not seeing big groups of reds anymore.
Fresh cut shrimp is also working the best.

The weather has made nearshore fishing tough, but at the last warm patch a few Spanish mackerel showed up. They should return as it warms again. Bluefish, sheepshead and black drum are also around.

Amazing Reasons To Teach Kids About Fishing

fishingAmazing Reasons To Teach Kids About Fishing

You can give a child a fish, and he or she will be fed one meal. Teaching a child about fishing will create a lifetime’s worth of memories, learning, and amazing experiences on the water.

Maybe I’m biased because I’ve seen the positive effects fishing has had on my brother and our family. But it’s hard to argue with the lasting benefits that fishing can have for young kids.

My father, grandfather, brothers, sisters, and many extended family members were avid fishermen. We fished every opportunity that was available.

This is what we did as children, whether it was family vacations or weekend trips. Everywhere we went, there were always a few fishing rods and a tackle bag.

I can personally attest to how my early fishing trips shaped me as a child. I learned how to respect the water, how to be outdoors, how I raise my children, and how to teach them.

Here are nine reasons why EVERY child should learn to fish. It is also the duty of parents to make sure that every kid gets out with a fishing rod once in a while.

It’s possible to be surprised at how positive changes in other areas of their lives, such as homework, communication, or overall happiness, occur after a day on the ocean or lake.

Here are nine reasons to teach your children how to fish.

Why Teach Kids About Fishing

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The Truth About Fishing Charter

fishing charterThe Truth About Fishing Charter

It is a great experience to go fishing on a charter boat with the crew and catch the fish of your choice. A fishing charter is where a group hires a captain and crew to take them fishing. It is up to you to decide if you prefer to fish close to shore or deep sea. A fishing trip is a great way to share your passion with friends and family. Charter fishing trips can be half-day or full days on the water to catch the fish that you’ve been looking for.

Charter fishing is what it sounds like. How you feel about the fishing trip will depend on you and your charter fishing company. While anglers can claim to have a great knowledge of fishing, it is not a guarantee that they will be able to fish with ease. Charter fishing in Myrtle Beach is about having the right captain and crew and having fun.

Are fishing charters a way to keep the fish?

After a day of fishing and having fun, it is time to ask your charter fishing company if they can keep the fish. Every charter fishing company is unique, so every angler will want to keep every fish. As long as the fish is legal and within the state limit, you can own the entire fish. After you have finished fishing, or reeled in your catch, the charter fishing crew or captain could take great photos of the fish.

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All about Fishing Charters Part 2

fishing chartersAll about Fishing Charters Part 2

We are continuing our last blog post on fishing charters. Choosing the best charter service is not easy.

1) The boat or vessel

This is the number one factor that charters are based on. It determines what kind of trip you take. It is important to choose the right charter boat for your fishing trip. Deep-sea fishing is not possible with charter services that use small boats.

2) The Captain

You should also research the charter company and captain of the fishing boat before you book a charter trip. Online sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor allow you to read reviews about the boat and crew. You can also learn more about how the captains work. Researching the captain can make a difference in a memorable or a nightmare trip. Make sure the captain is insured and licensed.

3. Length of the Trip

You can determine the length of your trip based on how long you plan to spend on the water. Half-day trips generally last 4-5 hours while full-day charters can go for 8 hours. You can either fish all night on the boat or sleep on it if you are planning an overnight charter. You have a better chance of catching the fish of your dreams if you spend more time onboard.

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